T-Mag Pump Outperforms Competition!

The local chemical manufacturer in our region was a customer of the distributor, who sold them other AODD and mag drive pumps. Upon the anticipated release of T-Mag Mag Drive Pumps we had been talking to our customers about the Mag Drive solution that would displace our competitor’s pumps. One of the first applications the T-Mag tackled was the competitors AODD application, pumping 50% caustic soda, the T-Mag mag drive pump (TM10NC/EC/VT/125/ZZ) passed with flying colors. The next application was chemical transfer; we had our sight’s set on a top competitor. Our Competitor’s pumps were being used to transfer chemicals from trucks into the processing systems. The T-Mag’s superior performance and run dry features made it easy to displace our competitor’s pumps. The addition of the T-Mag Mag Drive pump allows us to provide and apply newer products and newer technology to our customers.

Company: Chemical Company
Application: Chemical Transfer (50% caustic soda, & other chemicals)