T-Mag Cools Negative Perceptions

Customer needed a zero leakage pump in a chilled water application. The package was a gas booster with a chilled water-cooling system. Local requirements stated that there had to be a zero leakage pump supplied with the compression and cooling skid. The customer purchased the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump (TM6MC/PC/VT/135/ZZ) over similar competitors units due to a number of reasons:
• The perceived quality of a pump with the T-Mag name
• The zero flow dead head capabilities of the T-Mag was a major selling feature, as it gave him additional confidence in the robust design of our pump.
• The patented buffer system.
• The leak free design.

The Customer had been skeptical of mag drive technology due to bad service out of some competitor’s pumps in the past. Fortunately for us, the T-Mag Pump performed well and has completely changed the customer’s mindset when it comes to mag drive pumps as an option; future orders are in the que!

Company: Energy Systems Integrator
Application: Chilled water application