Biofuel Industry Also known as alternative fuels, biofuels are a type of fuel whose energy is derived from biological carbon fixation (i.e. photosynthesis).  The biofuel industry has gained popularity due to oil price fluctuations, alternative energy searches and the avoidance of emissions from fossil fuels.  Examples of biofuels include biodiesel, green diesel, vegetable oil, bio ethers, biogas, syngas and solid biofuels (sawdust, dried manure, agricultural waste).  With a seal-less design, a T-Mag Mag Drive Pump can help pump during the distillation, neutralization or transesterfication stages of the biofuel process.  

Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing Industry The modern chemical industry is essential to the world economy.  Chemical processing consists of converting raw materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals and minerals, into more than 70,000 products.  These products include a vast array of consumer and industrial goods.  Chemicals also play a large part in the manufacturing industry, including the manufacturing of textiles, apparel, petroleum-refining, pulp and paper, primary metals and semiconductor.  The T-Mag Mag Drive Pump can assist pumping a large array of chemicals during the transfer, loading or bulk storage stage of many processes.  

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Industry The food and beverage industry is an industry that is here to stay, from the processing of raw meats to the production of wines and spirits.  The food industry in the United States is over a $500 billion industry, which consists of processing foods from raw materials to finished products that are made for consumption by both humans and animals.  The food and beverage industry depends highly on sanitation and quality both in the finished products and equipment that goes into the production of finished products.  That being said, the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump can help pump an array of chemicals including cleaning chemicals, detergents and sanitizers. 

General Industry

General Industry General industry covers all sorts of companies, from metal finishing and pickling to filtration and battery manufacturing.  There are liquids being pumped in all industries, whether it is for bulk storage or continuous process.  T-Mag pumps can help solve many pumping issues with the use of a seal less containment.  From chlorinated swimming pool water to soaps, a T-Mag Mag Drive Pump can help make your process reliable.  


 Pharmaceutical Industry The pharmaceutical industry consists of developing, producing and marketing drugs for use as medications in both humans and animals.  The pharmaceutical industry has been around since the Middle Ages and as the global economy advances, processes are becoming more automated, while laws and regulations are becoming even more stringent, making it a very competitive industry.

Pulp and Paper

Pulp and Paper Industry The Pulp and Paper industry consists of more than just white printer paper and notebook paper.  The industry has expanded over the years to become one of most diverse industries out there.   Also included in the Pulp and Paper industry is the manufacturing of specialty coated papers, tissues, containerboard and paperboards, box and cartons, bags and envelopes.  Pulp and Paper mills are located around the globe to service the large need for paper products for everyday use. A T-Mag Mag Drive Pump can be used to pump an array of chemicals including Sodium Hypochlorite and Sodium Hydroxide.


Semiconductor Industry The semiconductor industry is a collection of companies that engage in the design and manufacture of semiconductor devices.  These devices are a key component in the production of electronics.   The industry formed around 1960 and since that time has grown to more than a $250 billion dollar industry.  The T-Mag Mag Drive Pump can be used for pumping chemicals in the surface preparation, cleaning and etching processes in the semiconductor industry, such as ferric chlorides and nitric acid.  


Wastewater Industry After water has been treated and used for its initial purpose, it then gets sent down to the drain and onto the next journey.  However, the water cannot be sent directly back to the environment because it has been contaminated.  Either waste treatment facilities or industrial plants have to treat the water so it can either be re-used or disposed of.  There are many different processes that wastewater treatment facilities can use depending on the type of water it is.  Often treatment facilities use chemicals to treat the water; this is where a T-Mag Mag Drive Pump can be used to pump chlorine, potassium hydroxide and ferric Chlorides during the wastewater treatment process. 

Water Treatment

Water Treatment Industry As water is one of the most critical aspects to human survival, the treatment of water in order to make it drinkable and clean enough for the use in manufacturing, is just as important.  Common markets in the water treatment world include the production of potable-water systems to purify water for human use, and water treatment facilities that process the water to be used in HVAC systems, boilers and cooling towers.  Many chemicals are used in the treatment of water, which leads to many uses for a T-Mag Mag Drive Pump, including chlorine and sodium hypochlorite.