T-Mag Pump Charges Forward!

Company: Battery Manufacturing PlantApplication: Water with Trace Sulfuric Acid for Oven Application for Cooling Lead Plates after heating. Distributor replaces competing mag drive pump supplied on an OEM system.  The Pump replaced was a magnetic drive pump, the customer was having consistent problems with the competitor’s pumps when used in upset conditions as well as getting replacement

T-Mag Pump Outshines Competition!

Company: Semiconductor ManufacturerApplication: Copper Acid A distributor had the right opportunity and application to sell a Polypropylene T-Mag 2HP Mag Drive Pump into a fortune 500 company. The company was transferring copper Acid from tankers into their processing systems. The customer had been using a competitor’s pump which were prevalent throughout the plant. Because of the salesman’s relationship

AMX Series Mag Drive Pump Bleach Manufacturing Case Study

Company: Bleach ManufacturingApplication: Transfer various bleach concentrations A T-Mag AMX Series Mag Drive Pump (TM4KC/ER/VT/108/ZZ) is used to pump various concentrations of bleach from the storage tanks to the filling station at 20 GPM and is turned on/off when in and out of use.  From there another T-Mag AMX Series Mag Drive Pump pumps the bleach

T-Mag Pump Faucet Manufacturer Case Study

Company: Faucet ManufacturerApplication: Hot Water/Cleaning Agent A T-Mag AM Series Mag Drive Pump (TM2GE/FR/VT/076/BA) is used for the parts washer pumping less than 10 GPM of hot water/cleaning agent through a filter and then into the cleaning bath where the parts are sprayed through nozzles.  The pump is set up for self-priming using a foot valve

T-Mag Pump Delivers

Company: Plating CompanyApplication: Re-circulating 18% zinc Solution @100 F Our Customer has a plating application that required the mixing and re-circulating of chemicals, an 18% Zinc solution @100 F. The customer also needed a sealless solution that could at times, run dry. The pump they used at that time was from one of our major competitors,

T-Mag’s Sealless Pump Solution

Company: Chemical ManufacturerApplication: Tanker Truck Transfer,• Sulfuric Acid (5-60% concentration), Specific Gravity: 1.8• Flow: Approximately 100 gpm @ 34 ft TDH• Temperature: 135 degrees F• Flooded Suction• Intermittent Transfer (4000 gallons per day) to tanker trucks Customer had an existing centrifugal in this application. I was not able to identify it due to the rusted

T-Mag Pump Has The Right Makeup!

Company: Cosmetic CompanyApplication: Pumping liquid ammonia, and other various chemicals A large cosmetics manufacturer (a Top Ten Account) in the United States had been consistently having sealing and maintenance problems with our competitor’s pumps. The Introduction of the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump gave us the ammunition and the product line as the distributor to finally address the leaking and

T-Mag Pump Cools Negative Perceptions

Company: Energy Systems IntegratorApplication: Chilled water application Customer needed a zero leakage pump in a chilled water application. The package was a gas booster with a chilled water-cooling system. Local requirements stated that there had to be a zero leakage pump supplied with the compression and cooling skid. The customer purchased the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump (TM6MC/PC/VT/135/ZZ) over

T-Mag’s Mag Drive Pump Outperforms Competition

Company: Chemical CompanyApplication: Chemical Transfer (50% caustic soda, & other chemicals) The local chemical manufacturer in our region was a customer of the distributor, who sold them other AODD and mag drive pumps. Upon the anticipated release of T-Mag Mag Drive Pumps we had been talking to our customers about the Mag Drive solution that would displace

T-Mag Magnetic Drive Pumps: A Run Dry Hit!

Company: Textile CompanyApplication: Dilute Sodium Hypochlorite Transfer The Textile Company that we have been working with for quite some time now has always had problems with our competitor’s pumps and the distributor representing that product line. The addition of the T-Mag Magnetic Drive Pumps gave us an opportunity to finally talk to our textile customer