T-Mag Pump Has The Right Makeup!

A large cosmetics manufacturer (a Top Ten Account) in the United States had been consistently having sealing and maintenance problems with our competitor’s pumps. The Introduction of the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump gave us the ammunition and the product line as the distributor to finally address the leaking and chemical transfer concerns they’ve been having. It took two visits and one test pump to convince the plant manager and maintenance engineer that the T-Mag Mag Drive pump (TM6MC/EC/VT/135/ZZ) was superior in Run-Dry capability and containment than the competitor’s pump. Upon the completion of the test, the customer purchased the T-Mag Mag Drive pump. In fact, the Run-Dry feature and sealless construction of the pump was such a good selling point that the customer purchased 2 more pumps from us (TM4HC/EC/VT/90/ZZ, TM4KC/PC/ND/108/ZZ) to be used in similar applications. We look forward to providing more fluid solutions to our valued customer. Go T-Mag!

Company: Cosmetic Company
Application: Pumping liquid ammonia, and other various chemicals