T-Mag Pump Delivers

Our Customer has a plating application that required the mixing and re-circulating of chemicals, an 18% Zinc solution @100 F. The customer also needed a sealless solution that could at times, run dry. The pump they used at that time was from one of our major competitors, and was not working well in the application. The  pump was wreaking havoc with untimely downtimes and consistent maintenance issues. We had informed the customer of the T-Mag Mag Drive pump, noting all the features of the product; the patented buffer system, sealless casing and the run dry feature. The Customer gave us a chance to prove ourselves with the T-Mag Mag Drive (TM4KC/PC/VT/084/ZZ). Upon Follow up, the customer was extremely happy and thankful for the solution, and he went ahead and placed an order for 2 more T-Mag Mag Drive Pumps.

Company: Plating Company
Application: Re-circulating 18% zinc Solution @100 F