Mag Drive Pump Reassembly Hints and Tips

CAUTION: Before reassembling a T-MAG™ mag drive pump, carefully read the following instructions and special procedures . Failure to do so may result in premature failure of the mag drive pump components or damage to an individual part making assembly impossible .
NOTE: The steps shown in this example represents all five sizes of T-MAG™ mag drive pumps . The steps shown are not necessarily in order of reassembly of the pump.

Tools Required For Pump Reassembly :
• Metric open-end wrench set
• Adjustable wrench
• Strap wrench or soft jaw vise
• Medium flat head screwdriver
• Metric hex wrench set

Mag Drive Pump ReassemblyMag Drive Pump ReassemblyMag Drive Pump ReassemblyMag Drive Pump Reassembly

Mag Drive Pump Torque Specs


T-Mag Mag Drive Pump

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