Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing Industry

The modern chemical processing industry is essential to the world economy.  Chemical processing consists of converting raw materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals and minerals, into more than 70,000 products.  These products include a vast array of consumer and industrial goods.  Chemicals also play a large part in the manufacturing industry, including the manufacturing of textiles, apparel, petroleum-refining, pulp and paper, primary metals and semiconductor.  The T-Mag Mag Drive Pump can assist pumping a large array of chemicals during the transfer, loading or bulk storage stage of many processes.

T-Mag Magnetic Drive Pumps can handle any of the following chemicals:

Acetic Acid Pump Calcium Hydroxide Pump Fluoboric Acid Pump Nickel Chloride Pump Sodium Hypochlorite Pump
Acetone Pump Calcium Hypochlorite Pump Formaldehyde Pump Nickel Sulfate Pump Sodium Sulfide Pump
Aluminum Chloride Pump Chlorine Water Pump Formic Acid Pump Nickel Acid Pump Sulfuric Acid Pump
Aluminum Hydroxide Pump Chloroform Pump Freon 12 (wet) Pump Nitric Acid (anhydrous) Pump Toluene (Toluol) Pump
Aluminum Pump Chromic Acid Pump Gasoline Pump Phosphoric Acid Pump Trichloroethane Pump
Sulfate Pump Copper Chloride Pump Hydrobromic Acid Pump Potassium Dichromate Pump Trichloroethylene Pump
Ammonia Liquid Pump Copper Pump Hydrofluoric Acid Pump Potassium Hydroxide Pump Turpentine Pump
Ammonium Chloride Pump Cyanide Pump Hydrogen Peroxide Pump Potassium Permanganate Pump Xylene (Xylol) Pump
Barium Pump Ethylene Glycol Pump Kerosene Pump Soaps Pump Zinc Chloride Pump
Carbonate Pump Ferric Chloride Pump Methyl Alcohol Pump Sodium Chloride Pump Zinc Sulfate Pump
Bromine Water Pump Ferrous Sulfate Pump Methylene Chloride Pump Sodium Hydroxide Pump