Large Chemical & Magnetic Drive Pump Shipment Has Arrived!

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These AMX Series Mag Drive Pumps leap ahead of the competition with the latest heat dissipation technology and six horsepower ratings to choose from. The AMX Series magnetic drive pump offers some of the highest flow rates seen in the industry. Ultimately this pump will bring you increased productivity, reduce operational costs & downtime and provide peace of mind. The AMX Series Mag Drive Pump has six sizes to choose from: 1/2, 1, 2, 3, and two 5 HP options. Available in Polypropylene and ETFE, the AMX Series Sealless Mag Drive Pump will fit almost any application.

T-Mag pumps are designed to meet the performance requirements of even the most demanding pumping applications. They have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are available in a variety of liquid path materials to meet your chemical resistance needs. A T-Mag Magnetic Drive Pump is ideal for transferring acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, heat transfer oils, liquid gases, toxic and explosive chemicals in industrial and chemical industries. They are also suitable for pumping low viscosity surfactants, acids and CIP chemicals in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In the food and drink industries they are ideal for handling CIP chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide and pumping water treatment chemicals.

Each and every product assembeled by T-Mag Pumps is built to meet the highest standards of quality. Every mag drive pump is functionally tested to insure integrity of operation.

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TM1CE-PR-VT-063-AA Only $50.00!

Chemical Pump
Only $50.00! Offer ends 8/31/12 (Originally $121.28)

We have just received a large shipment of chemical pumps (TM1CE-PR-VT-063-AA) and for one week only we will be offering these pumps at over a 50% discount! Take advantage of this deal today as it will only be running through 8/31/12. Originally $121.28 (58.8% discount). 

Works great for pools! 

Chemical Pump Shipment

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T-Mag Chemical Pump

TM1CE-PR-VT-063-AA Product Specifications

 -1/12 HP
-3500 RPM
-60 Hz
-110/220 Volts
-Rulon Bearings
-Single Phase
-Max 9 gpm or max 15 feet of head
-1/2″ Inlet and Discharge
-Polypropylene Construction
-Viton O-Rings and Gaskets