T-Mag’s Sealless Pump Solution

Customer had an existing centrifugal in this application. I was not able to identify it due to the rusted tag. He was looking to use one of our competitor’s mag pumps for this application, which would have cost twice as much as the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump. He wanted a sealless pump solution and the

AMX Series Pumps a Run-Dry Hit!

The Textile Company that we have been working with for quite some time now has always had problems with our competitor’s pumps and the distributor representing that product line. The addition of the T-Mag Magnetic Drive Pumps gave us an opportunity to finally talk to our textile customer about the mag drive applications that they’ve

T-Mag Pump Outperforms Competition!

The local chemical manufacturer in our region was a customer of the distributor, who sold them other AODD and mag drive pumps. Upon the anticipated release of T-Mag Mag Drive Pumps we had been talking to our customers about the Mag Drive solution that would displace our competitor’s pumps. One of the first applications the T-Mag tackled