AMX Series Bleach Manufacturing Case Study

A T-Mag AMX Series Mag Drive Pump (TM4KC/ER/VT/108/ZZ) is used to pump various concentrations of bleach from the storage tanks to the filling station at 20 GPM and is turned on/off when in and out of use.  From there another T-Mag AMX Series Mag Drive Pump pumps the bleach through an RP Adams filter for filtering

T-Mag Pump Delivers

Our Customer has a plating application that required the mixing and re-circulating of chemicals, an 18% Zinc solution @100 F. The customer also needed a sealless solution that could at times, run dry. The pump they used at that time was from one of our major competitors, and was not working well in the application. The  pump

T-Mag Cools Negative Perceptions

Customer needed a zero leakage pump in a chilled water application. The package was a gas booster with a chilled water-cooling system. Local requirements stated that there had to be a zero leakage pump supplied with the compression and cooling skid. The customer purchased the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump (TM6MC/PC/VT/135/ZZ) over similar competitors units due to a number

T-Mag Pump Has The Right Makeup!

A large cosmetics manufacturer (a Top Ten Account) in the United States had been consistently having sealing and maintenance problems with our competitor’s pumps. The Introduction of the T-Mag Mag Drive Pump gave us the ammunition and the product line as the distributor to finally address the leaking and chemical transfer concerns they’ve been having. It took two visits